Rakennusliike Somero Oy, a long term professional

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Rakennusliike Somero Oy has a long history in construction business. The company was established in 1960 and our extensive professionality has been collected during the long history. Our operating region includes entire Central- and North Ostrobothnia.

The constructors in our region are the municipalities and cities, industrial and building companies, real estate companies as well as private households.

Our business consists of commercial and industrial building, housing production, rehabilitation and renovation as well as our own housing production. We have invested in construction equipments which enables the construction of special targets.

The construction companies who has fast delivery times and the ability to possess special expertise have a special role in the construction field. Expertise and comprehensive projects from start to finish will be sought in all sectors of construction. Existing customer relationships and the company’s good reputation will be in important role.

At this moment our company has over 50 professional employees.


Ostoskylä Raitti

Täynnä elämää / Full of Life

Teollisuus- ja asuntorakentamista

Industrial and
residental construction

Vesa Somero

Toimitusjohtaja / hankinnat
Managing Director / Purchases

+358 44 517 7891

Janne Somero

Työpäällikkö / hankinnat
Work Supervisor / Purchases

+358 44 517 7892 janne.somero@rakennusliikesomero.com

Helmi Kontio


+358 8 481 071